A Day in the Life of The Kittens

Cats are hilarious creatures…. SO much curiosity,
That is why I thought it would be funny to document the personalities
and adventures of our new rescue kittens,
Monkey and Fox.
They bring SO much joy to our life,
it was definitely less amusing prior to their arrival!

This first photo is the first time I brought my camera out.
Their first experience with this big black object.
The photo so clearly defines their personalities, living up to their given names-
Monkey, so curious and brave.
Fox, timid and observing from a distance.


They are trying to play but VERY aware of this weird black object….


FIRST time seeing and experiencing a fly!!!
The “chatter” cats make when the adrenaline is running through their bodies is hilarious:


The laundry basket entertains them for hours


Will fall asleep anywhere.
This also demonstrates how small they are.


They were entertained with balloons for well over a week.
Fox would get wrapped in the strings and walk around the house with the balloons following him! vienna-glenn-00132015-06-26_0002

Monkey’s chair and throne.
They are kind of ruining this fabric chair….. but I’m like, eh, It’s just a chair hahah


First time seeing a dog!!!


Portrait time!!!


Their first rain:


Monkey LOVES to cuddle!!! Fox, not so much.


After giving Fox a lot of attention and affection,
Monkey climbs on top of him and starts cleaning him?
We’re not sure if this is a jealousy thing or a ‘parental’ thing.


Getting TWO kittens at the same time (who are brothers),
was the best decision ever.
They have eachother to sleep and play with all day long.