Weeks prior to February 6th,
I expressed to my mom, my desire to visit family in Michigan
in the coming months.
That very day,
my aunt Liddy emailed me asking if I wanted a plane ticket voucher.
She hadn’t spoken with my mom,
her intuition simply told her to email me.
I was blown away by this “coincidence” which I call a miracle….
(I even wrote a blog post about it)
…although neither of us knew the bigger picture that was being written
by the author “God.”
So I booked my ticket “home” for February 6th,
but two days prior to leaving,
my mother informed me that my Grandpa was not doing well
and the end was nearing.
Every time my phone rang or I received a text message,
I was afraid of what it may say.
Selfishly, I kept whispering to the wind,
“Grandpa, wait until I get home, just wait that much,”
hoping my prayer would be carried all the way to Michigan.
My flight landed at midnight.
The wind howled,
snow rustled,
and the cold blanketed every being,
bringing nothing to life,
but rather taking it away…
I drove along the frozen canal
to the house my grandpa built only years before.
His room was warm and calm.
My mom stood up and explained to my grandpa
that I just came in from Arizona,
then he looked up and met my gaze.
I took that as an invitation
and crawled into his large bed.
I wrapped both of my arms around his,
pulling my sweater over my hands
as not to shock him with the coldness.
Then I silently wept,
grieving for the man my family and I will no longer have in our life.
No words were spoken.
Instead, I felt as if my soul knew exactly what his soul needed,
gentleness and love.
So I radiated my love to him,
gently whispering to his soul,
not hoping, but knowing his soul was listening.
Then I cried tears of Joy
because I knew he would so soon be laughing and dancing with glee!
Basking in the Truth of the Universe!!!
I finally opened my eyes,
memorizing the wrinkles that mark his forehead,
his hair that never fully gave way to grey,
his alarmingly pretty toes
(words I could never utter to his face),
the warmth of his skin,
the air in his lungs,
and the pulse of his heart that I felt in his wrist,
as I held tight to my last living Grandpa.
Eventually I climbed out of his bed,
we looked at each other one last time,
and then I left.
An hour and a half later,
he peacefully drifted off to a new Home….
returning to some of us in our dreams,
indeed showing us of his newfound Happiness.