5 Random (but Important) Things you didn’t know about weddings until now

If a wedding is on or near the beach (especially the ocean), with the bride’s hair down,
the hair curls will fall out and the overall appearance will change within
an hour of two of being styled! The WIND plus HUMIDITY is a hair killer!!

A 6+ or more person bridal party (six on each side, twelve total), no matter how cool they are,
brings a certain level of stress and chaos brides and grooms should be prepared for.
Large bridal parties are harder to wrangle and “control,”
and its very apparent when the getting ready room is very small but many people need to fit inside the space….
it becomes chaotic and looks like a bomb went off!
The one advantage of having a large bridal party is that a bride and groom can utilize the extra hands to their advantage,
giving them errands etc. BUT, I personally experience, that brides and grooms
are much more relaxed with SMALL bridal parties, ~3-4 people each, OR no bridal party at all.

If a bride’s dress has a long lonnnggg wedding dress train, the majority of the day (and the wedding photos) will be of the bride
or someone else HOLDING the train and wrangling the train.
That’s probably not a good or bad thing, I’m just managing expectation of a train: )

If a bride and groom do not attend their own cocktail hour, they will barely see their own guests.
That truth will either make a bride and groom happy or sad because a lot of the guests may be their parents friends anyways haha!
It also depends if you have a Rehearsal dinner the night prior with most of the guests attending. That is usually the best time to visit with guests too!
I highly recommend the bride and groom attend their own cocktail hour
so that they can utilize that specific time thats meant for mingling! Makes sense right: )

Brides and grooms get asked SOOOOOOOOO many questions on a wedding day!
A question is being posed from every angle at every minute! Be prepared!
If a bride is very chill, I recommend her making a PSA to her friends and family prior to the wedding asking them to be conscious of the questions and the amount they are asking, because it all adds up for the bride!
And if they have schedule/timeline questions…….. refer to the timeline haha.
A wedding planner’s schedule usually has EVERYTHING on it.

I hope that helps: )