The First Step to Stop Judging Other People

“Dogma: A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.
Greek meaning: that which one thinks is true.”

Humans are so funny. They often bounce around from one dogma to the next, thinking they’re free along the way. They reject one church, believing they’ve left right and wrong rigidity and the shame game behind them… that they found “freedom” under a new church or spirituality, but that “freedom” is cloaked in just another flavor of right and wrong. It’s still dogma. It’s: “I’m right and if you don’t believe like me, well… you’re wrong.” This happens CONSTANTLY in life! Especially with health…..Gluten Free, keto, veganism…or, what about pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine?!?! One is right, the other is wrong! Home birth and hospital births. Black and white, right vs wrong.  Parenting…different parenting styles… whether kids should have electronics: ) Or what about politics!?! One party is RIGHT, the other is wrong (WAY wrong.) And… “there should only be ONE party!! The one I believe in!” We may not speak those words, but they are thoughts/beliefs in our minds. Or lastly Spirituality, which can be so similar to religion….. “you’re truly spiritual if you do ‘this this this this and this.’”

THE PROBLEM with dogma, is that it urges us to JUDGE OTHERS. Our dogmatic beliefs tell us, “I am right, you are wrong.” To find the dogmas in your life, examine the areas in which you judge the most… Diet? Parenting? Politics??

The first step is becoming aware of the areas in which we judge the most. Awareness is always the first step to change. We cannot change that which we are not aware of!
We spend our lives living amongst boxes of different dogmas but they ALL smell the exact same! Are you ready to attempt to see the rigidity of beliefs in your own life for what they TRULY are? We really love to lie to ourselves. Humans lovvvvve being right and want others to follow in their same exact footprints! But…. we ALL have drastically different life journeys! There are no two paths that are the same! How can we possibly think we have the authority to know what is right for someone’s else’s path beyond our own! Its bonkers!