Infertility: your power is choosing heaven or hell on earth

I don’t talk about infertility because I don’t need people to feel sad for me!
Its one of the greatest gifts of my life!!! Nothing is “wrong,” because I know everything is unfolding
exactly how it’s suppose to be. Its a fact! I have a unique mindset on my situation,
one that most people don’t want to hear… but I have to show up for people who are ready for
a new fertility perspective. It could help two people but it will probably trigger 20! I am not here for the faint of heart. I know that…. I am here for people ready to be done suffering.

I think prego April Fools are funny and I am happy for people announcing their pregnancy
(although I wish more people were more forthcoming in their struggle to conceive because its so common…..
instead of acting like it was easy and without anxiety).
I LOVE THIS TOPIC! But that was not always the case!
I used to be too attached to “my story.” I am not a victim anymore. I’m not a victim to God either.
This story has empowered me to step beyond the boundaries to find God and myself deeper,
in a way I NEVER thought possible.

This chapter in my story taught me how to hear wisdom from my soul.
My intuition told me specifically: “you have not birthed a child yet because you are learning great clarity in your intuition. The path of motherhood will be so much easier; more joyful, and less fearful when you learn to tap into your intuition!
You are whole, you are perfect, you don’t need to change, you do not need to become anything. You are already a mother. A mother to the Earth, to animals, to other children. You advocate for the voiceless. That is a mother.”

I am here for people READY to acknowledge all the blessings God has granted you-
instead of focusing on the ONE thing you feel is missing from your blessed life.
There is a life waiting for you that may look different than you wanted –
but WHAT IF ITS MORE MAGICAL, MORE AMAZING than what your mind concocted?
Are you ready to embrace something BETTER than you even imagined?
Its waiting for you. Its here. Surrender to the magic and miracles that’s waiting in the wings…
surrender the how, the why, the when. Thats not your responsibility!

Your control is with your mind, your perspectives: if you choose heaven on earth OR hell on earth.
YOU choose heaven OR hell in your mind. And only YOU have control over that.

If you’re ready to choose Heaven, start with writing a gratitude list every single day.
If you feel like you have nothing to write, thank every body part in your body!!!
You can walk outside in nature because you have healthy toes and feet and legs!
You can chew and taste amazing food because you have perfectly healthy teeth and tastebuds!
There is so much to be grateful for, the problem is we have taken most of it for granted!

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