New Podcast: Wise Women Diaries

I had no intentions of starting a podcast, although I always thought about it for years.
But I woke up this Monday morning and decided to just do it.
So within 36 hours I chose a name, created the cover art, recorded two episodes,
and submitted and get accepted to Apple podcasts!!!
I am going for progress over perfection—
but I don’t think people care about perfection. They are hungry for information and stories
that will help them feel better. Thats why I am here, doing this new thing: )

1st episode: How I Used to Treat My Husband
2nd episode: Having a Crush That Is Not Your Spouse
3rd episode: The Glitch of Manifestation
4th episode: Are You Feeling Intuition or Fear?
5th episode: Anxiety May Be Your Soul Communicating

If you want to take a listen click here!