Listening to Your Body (Work + Life Balance)

Throughout January and February I was plagued with
several (random and weird) illnesses.
My blood tests came back optimal,
so I KNEW there was purpose and lesson to these events.

I looked deeper.

When I was sick, I would take time to go outside,
let the sun shine on my face,
read novels, skip out on so much coffee,
relax on the chocolate bars, thrift shop, and work way less!
Through these behaviors,
I realized I truly respected myself
and listened the needs of my body only when I was sick!!!
NOT when I was healthy! (How sad!!)
So of course my body wanted to be sick all the time
because that is the only time I would stop working
and instead, Relax and Play!
My body was throwing a tantrum for Respect!

I am so happy and proud to report that
I have been 100% healthy for the past 7 weeks!
I FINALLY listened to the signs of my body
and I have implemented what I have learned:

EVERY SINGLE DAY I take time to-

1. Go outside!
Even if it’s just for 10 minutes,
the fresh air and sunshine is vital to health.
I usually try to find magic in the mundane…
like the sunset, a tree of flowers, birds talking to one another.

2. Move!
I weight train 3x per week
and try to go for a brief walk outside.
I also try to get to yoga…but I haven’t been consistent lately,
but that’s okay, I have mercy on myself.
I think it’s more important doing at least one thing
than trying to do Everything!

3. Nourish the Body
If the food is not nourishing,
then it is for the pleasure of the taste buds,
a.k.a not respecting your body.
The ultimate goal is to have nourishing meals
that taste unbelievable!

4. Have FUN!
One of my favorite things to do recently
is to take 15-30 minutes to hop in my bed,
in middle of the day, and read my current novel : )

5. Be Still, Be Present, Be Thankful.
I am blessed to simply be living!
I take a few moments everyday to breathe
and Thank God for my many blessings.
If I had a so-so day, there are still a million things
to be grateful for, especially a healthy body.
If your body is not currently up-to-par,
you have the opportunity to listen to it and learn from it!
How amazing!