A Night to Remember

In a sea of thousands of people,
not knowing a soul,
(besides Malcolm seeing our Lulu Lemon clerk from a few days ago)
we unfolded the blanket
and lied on our backs.

With my head on his shoulder,
we witnessed the stars slowly coming forth….
randomly catching small breezes of sewage from the bathrooms 20 feet away,
marijuana (I think I eventually learned the smell of a few different types),
and the pure and HOT Arizona desert.

And we laughed at it all,
because that’s what made the experience an experience.

Then we stood up to welcome Mumford and Sons to the stage.
Standing for our favorite songs
and lying back down on our blanket for the slower tunes.
But almost every Mumford song starts the same,
so many times we were clueless if it was our FAVORITE song until the chorus,
when we would exclaim, “Oh that’s my other favorite song!!!!”
By the end of the night, we said that phrase six times.

My favorite FAVORITE favorite song is “Below My Feet.”
“When I was told by Jesus all was well,