Derek + Venea = Abbie

The last time I saw Derek and Venea, we were taking photos for their pregnancy announcement!!!!!
Now a year later- they have a precious, precious little girl, Abbie, with the BEST HAIR EVER: )
A ‘lil sprout of hair.
And Venea…. she feels like the warmest ray of sunshine; I want to be around her ALWAYS.
Derek…. I need him in my life. We were talking about the California tolls and I said I always forget to pay them online
so he set a reminder on his phone and two days after the photo session,
they texted me saying- “Lea, pay your tolls!!!” So I did: )

They have the cutest little bungalow in Manhattan Beach, so we started the family photos at their home,
then went to the beach for Abbie’s FIRST experience with her toes in the ocean!!!