Cole + Kelly = Gus

This post is special because its all about my very first nephew!!!! I was able to spend a few days with Cole, Kelly, and Gus in Rhode Island last weekend: )

Also, I realize that through photos, sometimes life can look perfect. But it’s not for ANYONE! I have the real conversations with the new mothers at each photo session, but no one else was hearing them and I felt like that needed to change! That’s why I am so excited to introduce this new Q&A section
in hopes that one mother’s story will help other mother’s/women!!!

KELLY // My favorite part of each day is:
I love when we first wake up… even though there can be hungry tears and wails. But sometimes I wake up before little Gus and I get to watch him sleep so peacefully as the morning sun shines through the curtains. I especially love the time on weekends
when Cole is sleeping near me and I get to enjoy the moments with my two favorite guys.

One thing that has surprised me the most is: How much you can love such a tiny thing! Everytime I see my husband kissing Gus’ feet or soothing him, I fall in love all over again. Sometimes I think my heart is going to burst!!!!

What has challenged me the most is: Breastfeeding. We took a class while I was still pregnant and totally felt prepared… but I was unprepared for my baby not being able to latch. I thought it was a natural thing and never worried about it. It’s the first thing I feel like I could not teach my boy how to do. I’ve never felt so lost. Each feeding is still a painful struggle, but with breastfeeding groups and lactation specialists, we are learning!

Another thing I have learned is that for every recommendation or researched article, there is a counter side. It was hard for me to do something aside from the recommendation. i.e. They recommend you strictly breastfeed for the first three weeks, no bottle. I was in so much pain, I was crying, Gus was crying, that I just decided to use a bottle one night and I felt so guilty!! WHY?? He was still being fed and I was doing what I had to do for me! Do whatever you feel you have to do to take care of yourself AND your baby!

I am proud of myself because: I have managed to take a shower everyday hahaha

If I were to have a second pregnancy, I would: Worry less about when he would be joining us and spend less time googling symptoms and just enjoy my family as is!!! Being in the moment is challenging while waiting for change…
but with my next pregnancy I will work harder on that!

My advice to all mothers-to-be:
1. Stock up on granola bars and protein shakes (no time to make meals) 2. Buy a water bottle
with a straw (the straw is key, trust me) 3. Take a shower daily. 4. Ask for help, and ask often.
People are always willing! 5. Go for walks! Remember, there will probably be at least one moment
a day that feels overwhelming, exhausting, and/or emotional and you don’t think
you can do it anymore….believe me you can! Keep doing what you are doing! You are doing great!!!

Now for the star of my life, the amazing, handsome, little man Gus:

Grandpa Glenn:


Look at those turtle cheeks and lips: