I agree with Sydney.

Blogging used to feel so comfortable and natural,
until recently.
I’m not the only one going through this “phase.”
Sydney from The Daybook
explains it in a way I never could even attempt.

“I wished I could revert back
to the state of mind I was in when I started this blog.
But not even that.
{Oh how some of my old posts make me CRINGE}
I wished that I could go back to the way I felt
when I was coming to this space every day.
 It was easy. I knew my purpose.
 I felt comfortable in my skin. 
And the words just came out. 
This THING, self-discovery, finding yourself, whatever you wanna call it, 
has made me want to pull inward.
 I crave observance. 
I crave quiet, anonymous living. 
I want to bury myself in a little proverbial cocoon 
and only come out when I’ve become exactly who I want to be,
 down to the deliberately chosen color 
of the very smallest spot on my silly butterfly wings.”
-Sydney from The Daybook