it’s your choice.

I believe in God,
I believe in meant-to-be,
but I also believe in taking accountability for our own lives.
Sometimes it is our fault.
We cannot spend our lives blaming others.
Whether your hardship in life is a lack of money,
never being happy,
always being cheated on,
your car constantly breaking down,
or continuous health issues.
Life doesn’t have to be hard.
It can be easy!!!!
Easy or Hard.
It’s your choice.
“I now choose to live an easy life”
“Making money is easy.”
“I find examples of love easily everyday”
“I now choose easy.”
Those four words have completely changed how I live my life.
I have written other blog posts about my unhealthy past;
I used to be sick every month,
every single month.
I honestly did not know what it felt to be healthy
so I didn’t even know what healthy was!
I also believed it was hard work to be and stay healthy
until one day,  I chose the easy path.
I simply decided to be healthy.
I had an “aha!” moment in which I realized
it was my choice whether to be healthy or sick.
So I decided health would become a part of my daily life
and it would stay with ease.
I also doubt that my business would be successful
without my belief in “I now choose easy.”
Many people are surprised to hear that photography is my full-time job
especially because I only work about 6 months out of the year
(this year I will finally be working year-round
because I’m moving to Phoenix).
I never have allowed my thoughts wander to fear or worry
of booking enough weddings or sessions,
making enough money,
paying off equipment, etc.
Especially now that I am moving to a new state,
I could sit for hours on end worrying about how to get my name out in a new place,
but instead I fill my time with ideas on how to meet people
and searching for photography groups where I can meet like-minded people.
And ultimately, deep down I truly believe
all will be okay 
because I am listening and following my heart to where it belongs, 
Because when we follow our heart’s desires and passions,
our lives will over-flow with joy and happiness,
and when we are truly happy,
life is easy and fun!!