Loving Children Teaches us What Unconditional Love Feels Like

It feels like the purpose of children is to learn and experience the TRUE FEELING unconditional love,
and then to understand THATS how much our Creator loves us!!!
AND that’s how the Creator wants us to love OURSELVES & EVERYONE ELSE.
Now that you know how unconditional love feels, start trying to apply it to yourself!!
Love yourself the way your mother loves you. Or start treating yourself how you want your daughter to treat herself.
Take these examples of love and apply it somewhere else! It’s hard. But It’s not suppose to be easy… that’s the point.
I don’t think we’re meant to have children and only love THEM unconditionally.
I think we learn how unconditional love feels via children, but then we could go out into the world
and spread that love to others and ourselves though Grace, Mercy, and Empathy.
Stop being so hard on yourself, your partner, or your child. That’s called grace.
Give up the “shoulds” and expectations and know you’re doing the best you can-
We all are doing the best we can with what were given!