My “weird” photography process to capture natural photos

If you’re interested in my “process” of photographing real people, that are actually posing, but it doesn’t look like it….
you have to know that I am inspired by what some would consider the “weirdest moments.”
Like……..  I asked Matt to change his shirt so we had a color change, but when he was ruffling through the drawer,
I quickly realized it was a BEAUTIFUL natural everyday moment, so I told Erica-
“go love on him while he’s doing that!” Later when Matt was changing the song on his phone,
Erica grabbed her feet and posed herself NATURALLY… (photos above)
and all I had to do was NOTICE. My job is to observe first, and second, communicate and translate
that into a photograph. That’s why in-home sessions are my everything!!!!!!
They inspire me more than anything else!!! I am inspired by mundane, random moments I see during sessions.
People constantly pose themselves in their own house and photographers simply have to NOTICE.
I believe the minute you take subjects to a field or to a beach,
maybe 95% of the natural posing that is effortlessly shown while in their own home, is lost!
It takes a lot of energy and work on behalf of the photographer
AND the subjects to create that natural posing in an “unnatural setting.”

So my advice to photographers is to notice…… observe. Every little movement and moment.