Personal: Barcelona, Spain

I wasn’t even excited to visit Barcelona
but I fell in love with it so hard and so fast!
And I didn’t take too many photos because
I spent the entire time shoving my face with food at all the ammmazing
organic and/or vegetarian restaurants!!
We stayed in the city center and were within 10 min walking distance
to 6-8 delicious vegetarian restaurants that were OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Seriously…. It was food heaven.
(My favorites were Teresa Carles and Brunch and Cake!!)

I loved EVERYTHING about Barcelona-except the crazy amounts of tourists in August.
That was the ONLY downfall.

If you love 1. Coffee 2. Pastries 3. Bread
…Barcelona is made for you.
On the other hand, if you love gelato and pizza, Italy, is made for you.

One day, I discovered a certain pastry that had a white chocolate filling
but dark chocolate outside…
We had two within one day of these mind-blowing desserts…
To NEVER find them AGAIN!
I went into 10-ish pastry shops
and tried asking for “negro/black” pastry with “blanco/white” inside
and they did not exist! It is still a mystery I want to solve!
Anyways, that special day I found my perfect pastry,
we were walking ‘home’ and I announced to my sister,
“Guess what I have waiting for me at home???”
She replied- “….yourrrrr husband?”
I gasped, “NO! MY CROISSANT!!!!!”

Again, we used Airbnb and had a perfect, easy-going experience!
Staying in the city center, walking out of our apartment
and having the choice of four different cafes within literally 100 feet was amazing!

Swimming in Barcelona was very similar to Croatia—
beautiful warm water, NO SHARKS/stingrays etc, and many topless people: )


The band of Brunettes


Veggie Garden had amazing juices, smoothies, but also Indian food, strange combo haha


My only photo of architecture…. I am more interested in food and swimming!


Woki Organic Market was another favorite!! GREAT coffee, salads, pizza… all organic.


Mount Tibidabo was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
It’s an amusement park more than 100 YEARS OLD
and it sits high above the city on a mountain !!
I enjoyed my time here so much!!


I am so bad.. I don’t remember the actual names for some of the places we visited…
All I know was this fountain was synced to music and was so cool to watch!
It was near the old Olympic village from when the summer Olympics were in Barcelona.


From outside our apartment window! I love how the streets are so small,
that means walking to and from places is so quick and short!