The most pivotal moment in my spiritual journey

Most of the words I will use in this post are from Matt Kahn’s
Youtube video Emotional Oneness.
I watched it in January 2015 and IT CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER.
He gives the earth-shattering perspective of:
“the ego is just an inflated character the inner child concocts
as a way to get the attention from others it feels it didn’t gain from the past.
Do NOT bring spiritual or religious philosophy to your innocence!
The inner child perceives spirituality as what is more worthy of you attention.”
The ego is not BAD!!! It is NOT something we need to get away from, shut down, or quiet.
The ego is our inner child wanting the love and attention it deserves!
Jesus says, “If you bring forth what is in you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth what is in you, it will destroy you!”
He also encourages us to become like Little Children often! Translate it however you desire,
but I believe Jesus is talking about our inner child, aka what we like to call our ego.
The most important step in recognizing the ego is just our inner child wanting love,
is apologizing so deeply to our innocence. In the Youtube video,
Matt leads us through an apology that I wrote out:

“Dear Inner Child, I AM SO SORRY if you ever felt hurt, abandoned, rejected, or doubted by anyone in the past. Or if you’ve ever felt I have lived in such a way that excluded you from my experience, made you feel less-than, humiliated, judged you, called you an ego by thinking you’re a barrier to God, that you’re something for me to get away from, as if you weren’t a pivotal part in my journey. I am sorry if my spirituality made you feel like the invisible sibling thats never enough for my attention. I am sorry if lovers seemed more important than loving you. I am sorry if you ever felt unsafe around people I surrounded myself with. I am sorry I did not hear your requests and instead made other people validate my existence instead of keeping you safe. I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Let this moment be a restart. Where we make peace. The body and the mind reunite and we come together so that the war in me can end! As a conscious parent to my own innocence, that no longer has to act so desperately to earn my loving approval and no longer has to create external crisis in order to motivate me to send love to it. I LOVE YOU. I AM SORRY. Please forgive me! I did not know how deeply you hurt! and I vow from this moment forward to keep you safe, that allows you to speak whatever you need to say, that listens to anything you want to share and that loves you and adores you as ONLY I can love and adore you!”

Not everyone will understand this post and thats totally okay!!!
But to the ones who are currently trying to get away from their ego:
I truly hope this can be a restart for your body and mind.
If you need help talking to your inner child, find a photo of yourself under the age of 10
and talk to that little child. You would never talk negatively or bad to them! Only unconditional Love!!!
Try treating your adult self with the same graciousness you would give to a child.

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