The beauty and purpose of Pain

Bear with me.
Think about if you have a headache……..
that throb is all you can feel and think about. You are painfully aware of the throbbing!
But you are present and its hard to get beyond the present, you WANT to escape the pain,
you want to think beyond the pain, but throb throb throbbing…. you can’t.
What if the only purpose of Pain was to keep us very very present?!!!
What if the purpose of Pain was our intuition saying : LISTEN!!!!!!
But We take pain meds so we can move on. Because the minute we’re healthy and perfect, we start thinking and planning
and worrying and controlling. The pain of a body ache keeps us PRESENT.
Children are always in the present moment, not regretting the past or worrying about their future.
They are in the moment without the need of pain to get them there.
So I’m thinking adults need pain to get them to freakin sit down and breathe!
So why is that important you ask blah blah blah “present moment, be preset” jargon.
Because: when we are in the moment, that’s how we hear the voice of our intuition / God!
If you trust the Universe has your back, follow that belief up with the action- let go of worry or worrying
HOW things will pan out and unfold.
The magic is in the not knowing, truly! I do NOT want to know what’s up ahead in my life!
I want that mystery. People keep asking me- “Lea what’s next in your life- Lea what’s next?”
And I’m like I don’t know and I’m 10000% fine not knowing, because the minute I’m meant to know,
I’ll know I am following the little baby steps my intuition is telling me to take!