This Blog Isn’t What It Used To Be

This blog isn’t what it used to be
(an overly passionate space where I would freely share my opinion).

One day, I started craving of privacy,
in a world where our every meal, every hour of every day is documented.
That is why I moved from a small town to a big city,
I needed a level of anonymity.
When I was back home in Michigan a few weeks ago,
I was crawling in my skin with familiar eyes trailing me anywhere I went.
I don’t like the feeling!

The other shift I experienced this past year was:
“Don’t explain your philosophy, embody it.”
I don’t need to be understood, nor do I want to share my views (shocker!)!!
And I certainly do not want to try to change anyone,
as I don’t want someone changing me!
Why does a stranger have to know the little perceptions that make up ME?
They don’t.
I want to be known for my art,
NOT for my opinion on a specific matter.

With that being said, social media has changed,
and it will continue to change.
I feel like people are spending a little less time on their computers
and more time on their phones.
So I certainly share a curated photo reel on Instagram about my life and my work.
(But let’s be honest, my life= work….
That’s another thing I am trying to change…One day at a time.)