What Do I Confess, What Do I Keep Sacred?

I sit here with my 90% chocolate and ginger kombucha
wanting to confess to the world so many things.

Yet, in the same breathe, I wonder what I should keep sacred.

Why do I want to confess my mind’s wonders to the world?

Because I want people to know who I am?
But why.

Why do I blog?
For people to know who I am?
But why.

I don’t know why I need people to know who I am.
The people in my inner circle know who I am,
isn’t that good enough?

This is why I have been struggling with my personal blog posts lately.
I find myself just posting snippets from my Instagram feed.

My art is different.

I am the chosen storyteller of a bride and groom’s wedding,
therefore, it is my duty (and true honor) to go out and share that story.

Here I am, after blogging five times a week for three years,
I feel a settling…..and a restlessness.
What do I confess?
What do I keep sacred?

And now I’m wondering why I felt the need to confess these concerns haha.
Maybe it’s an explanation to you who have been reading this blog since the beginning.
and then maybe not.
It is what it is: )