You will make the income you believe you deserve

A few weeks ago, I was reading a post in a photographer forum about a photographer
that was doing the hustle, but the hard work wasn’t converting into the money she wants to be making
or a booked up calendar! I read all 30-something comments suggesting she should do this or that for her business….
but It was ALL business, practical advice! She was already checking those boxes!!!!
But there was STILL a hitch, a block, a problem.
I sat there scratching my head, confused that NO ONE was addressing the mental/emotional aspect of money making
Most of us are walking around DEEP DOWN believing – “I’m not good enough at ______.
or “I am not good enough to charge ____.”
If you’re ready to take accountability for your life, there’s a 99.99% chance this is the root of all your abundance
seeking problems!! I remember the moment years ago deciding I wanted to make money
above the $50k threshold because I did not want to settle for average, honestly.
So I wrote down, ‘I, Lea Peterson make 60,000 dollars a year’, and when I said it in my head,
there was a tiny tiny tiny voice that said immediately after, ‘Why you? You’re not that special.’
It was the QUIETEST voice, but I heard it, and knew that was my block!!
Once I started working on believing I deserve any money I desire (how I changed my belief is an entirely different post),
my reality started to match my new beliefs, and then I kept moving that money amount up and up…for fun….
because I can. And because I know I deserve it. 70k… 90k…. 110k… up, up, up…
But this concept doesn’t just apply to the topic of money, its also true with Love.
Believing you deserve a partner that will love you unconditionally…
AND continue to STAY even when you show your “less desirable” sides.
But we are children of God! We come from the ultimate source of perfection and bliss, SO WE ARE THAT.
We cannot be different than where we come from. Wayne Dyer once said:
If you break an apple into a million pieces and spread it far and wide, ITS STILL AN APPLE.
We deserve because we were born to thrive, to live out the God energy in each of us.