Don't you know yet?
It is your light
that lights the

Name: Lea "Lee-ya"
Years as a Photographer: 9 years (with zero itch)
The only movie I have watched 5+ times: "About Time." Dude... Rachel Mcadams.
If I wasn't a photographer, I would be: a marriage therapist
I would describe myself as: weird, deep-thinker, spiritual, curious, grateful, cat lover, persistent.
My pet peeve is: wasting electricity... running the shower minutes before you get into it....
Things that thrill me: airplane turbulance, eating a MIND BLOWING meal, crazy-good wedding inquiries (I want the laughing-crying face emoji right here)
Life is: all up to you. Will you spend your whole life making decisions because you're afraid, or will you make decisions because you know you were born to thrive? 
Weddings should be: An honest reflection of yourself. If you never wear pearls.... why wear them on your wedding day?!?
Photo by CamillaRain Photography

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