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    My name is Lea, but I like to say that my alter ego is Vienna Glenn- the part of me that has been trained to see magic in the mundane, the wonder in the simplest of things; like bees- they are the sole reason we have fruit, flowers, AND honey! Or how is it that an object like the sun, 93 million miles away from our Earth, creates the most magnificent colors in our sky every night? Touch your pulse. That little *thump*thump* is keeping you alive. It never decides to take a vacation! It just keeps giving and giving. Or airplanes- We have the ability to sit in a seat 30,000 feet in the sky, flying 600 mph! That is amazing! Our world, our daily life, is crammed with miracles, but we can only truly see them if we take a step back from our "busy-ness" and step into the present moment. Photography has stilled my world. It has taught me to see with the eyes of a child. I know Life isn't always fair or ideal. But I have seen the face of tragedy and felt it's depth. I chose to let it shape me into the person I am today, the person who can declare that the tragedy was indeed a miracle. Because all of life is a miracle. To be alive is a miracle. We are miracles.
    I strive to create images that look like LIFE- because life is organically beautiful!!! That is why my photographs have a natural, film essence. I have an infinite love for the unexpected, quirky, hilarious, sometimes unseen moments on a wedding day, but I also believe in simple, timeless portraits that will hopefully still be hanging on the wall in 2050.

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