Tucson Wedding + David and Emily

Sometimes when I post to this blog, I am afraid the weddings will all look so different that they won’t look like ‘my

Chicago Wedding + Nick and Casey

“Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how many choices you have to make leading up to the big day. One of the first decisions we

Malibu, CA Wedding + Cole and Skyla

These two….. they know how to throw an amazing party and model like professionals hahaha (….obviously I am not shocked because

Wisconsin Wedding + Kyle and Jordan

I am incredibly grateful for people who recommend my photography to their friends and families, and for the families who use me for all of

Sedona Elopement + Lacey and Suede

I think I am born to strictly be a Sedona Elopement photographer hahaha. I shouldn’t laugh because I am completely serious. This is

Catskills, NY Wedding + James and Kara

Stilllllll feeling the high from this weekend. Weddings are even more special when I know the families from working with them in previous

Year One + Avery

Sometimes I have urges to shoot babies so my friends offer theirs: ) Matt and Carly renovated their house soooo well, then had the sudden

Michigan Farm Wedding + Greg and Jordanna

I am 100% confident shooting family and friends is the ABSOLUTE DREAM because there is no ice to break, no personal boundary or barrier. I

Park Winters, CA Wedding + Brian and Ana

This venue is directly from a photographer’s heaven. Charm, vintage, white, natural light, clean lines. Dream Dream