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Kevin + Taylor = Tatum

The most smiley, laid-back baby award… goes to Tatum!!
That’s why this session was so amazing: unlimited smiles and flirty ‘lil looks!!!!
Her mom being a photographer and understanding photogenic outfits helped too: )

Also, let it be known: the 5-11 month-ish age range is so freakin great
because babies are expressive but DONT MOVE YET. They just SIT THERE.
AND, they like being held! A toddler? NOPE.
I could cry because its so much easier than a 2 year old hahaha

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Chris + Paige = Willow

The first photo shoot in our brand new guest suite / photo studio!!!!!!!!!
This place has THE. BEST. LIGHT. EVER.
Here is the listing on Airbnb to rent the space for photo/video shoots!

During this session, I caught myself shooting super close up because they’re sooo beautiful,
instead of wider to show off the photo studio… oops. :)

this is the truth of toddler sessions: always running away… and playing with keys:

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Avery Meets her Brother Harrison

Beautiful snow-capped mountains surrounded the valley of Phoenix
as little Harrison made his debut into this world!
Later that day, his big sister Avery arrived at the hospital to meet her new newborn brother: )

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Copper Harbor Wedding + Travis and Ashlyn

Shooting photographer’s weddings have a special place in my heart because they know
exactly what I need to thrive and they give it to me: TIME! lots of it.
Ashlyn, Travis, and I started shooting the portraits HOURS AND HOURS before the ceremony, because she wanted a few different locations, and that requires even more time to travel! But starting very early is honestly the key to creative, amazing portraits! (OR a day-after session!) We weren’t rushed! This is an atypical scenario for me (normally I have to RUSH through pictures) so I was grateful and cherished it immensely!
I am so proud of the work I created this day: ) It also helps when I know the bride trusts me 100000000x and chose her wedding date around my schedule!!!!! Its an amazing feeling!!! I want to make her so happy: )

I even had time to drive the dress down the road 5 miles specifically for this shot haha! Usually I spend about two hours during the “getting ready” portion of the day!

Ashlyn is my cousin so I was photographing a photo of my own grandparents James and Margaret Markham and a fish hanky in remembrance of our cousin Thatcher :

I remember Ashlyn texting me getting ready outfit ideas because she understands its another way of showcasing your style and another chance to wear and be photographed in something cute!!! I LOVE what she chose!!! Madewell shorts!

My brother Dylan was with the guys: ) Mr Maev eating breakfast:

My uncle’s famous Bisquick pancakes

Travis, thank you for being emotional: ) Far too many guys suck all their emotions in, and keep it that way all day! I wonder if they know that all their women want is to see them cry hahaha

They read Love Letters to each other… right next to each other. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.

Taylor Kero crushed the florals:

A bride that will do anything for her pictures haha:

My favorite capture of Dylans:

Please notice the hat falling onto the pavement haha. Its the little things:

Maevs grandpa found a matching hat hahahaha probably from Fourth of July two days prior

Thumbs up haha

Florals and decorating by Honey and Heart Events

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