Why I am Open About Marriage Struggles

My client messaged me recently saying that because we’ve been open with our marriage struggles, when her and her husband were struggling, she realized there wasn’t anything WRONG with them and they could truly work through it!!!!!!!! Then, the more she talked about it with her friends, she realized they all had similar issues!!! Ladies, if there’s one thing I know for a 100% fact, it’s that every partnership has issues. The minute you have a heart-to-heart conversation with someone, they will usually tell you what’s REALLY going on, way way way beyond their Instagram feed! If you’ve had a real convo with me, you know how open I am because I understand the true FACT that I am not alone in my struggles.

That’s why I have a tribe of female friends, we all deal with very similar issues!! It’s usually about wanting our men to open up, talk a little more, or how we keep expecting our men to be different than who they really are, instead of embracing who they are, as is!!!!!! It’s hard!! (Wanting my husband to grow, evolve, and be better is different because it’s the SAME standard I hold myself to. Pushing each other to be BETTER. Human growth is essential!)

I do believe in dumping my feelings onto my friends (sometimes) because, I want to be told: “I UNDERSTAND!! me too!!!! You’re NOT crazy.” Because most of the time, my emotional/feeling center feels very crazy compared to a guys!! (…I think because most men aren’t taught how to ACCESS that emotional center!)

I am also super passionate about breaking the stigma associated with therapy/ counseling because the more we talk about it, the more accepted therapy becomes, the more couples will utilize this gift, and in turn,

Me and my gorgeous husband photographed by Rachel Jane : )