10 Lessons of my 25-26th year

1.  The time to live is NOW.
Not in a year or five years, or pre or post children.
2. Interacting with strangers in public or while traveling, etc is simple:
gentleness + kindness = love
There is no love if there is no kindness.
3. God/The Universe/The One always delivers exactly what we need in the right moment…
There are no mistakes.
4. Do we say we Trust God, yet our actions do not line up with those words?
Live your Life as a reflection of The One and Only
5. I do not just click a camera. I am a scientist of Light.
6. A change in perspective (a shift of the mind) CHANGES EVERYTHING
7. I am on a quest to make the perfect cup of coffee.
That means buying every type of coffee accessory and quality coffee bean!
8. There is always something to be grateful for.
9. Spotify is my best friend… that’s not really a lesson- more like a realization.
10. My job is to witness Love…
If God is Love, then I witness God in action…
Nothing is more beautiful than that!
I am so beyond grateful for this life, its opportunities, its lessons, mistakes,
because it has all brought me to this moment in time,
to the person I am today.

(One night I had a dream I went to Europe.
I awoke the next morning with the realization, I WANT TO GO TO EUROPE.
So I went haha
Below, is Croatia: )