Sundance Studios Wedding + Zach and Maggie

Maggie kept me in her back pocket after seeing a wedding I photographed in 2014… She remembered me for THREE years until she was engaged!!!!! Do you know how ecstatic that makes me?! The fact that another photographer didn’t woo her away via all the insane wedding photos on Instagram or Pinterest!??! Amazing. I am not going to lie… Maggie married the triplet of my little high school crush, so when she booked me, I was like oh man I have to face this guy as an adult, the last time he saw me I was pre-braces and 90 pounds hahaaha

If you’re a detail-lover, this wedding is straight up your alley!!
NOTHING was overlooked!!

This wedding was featured on MARTHA STEWART!!!!!
Click here to view on the MS website!

Zach is one of the most smiley grooms I have ever photographed!!!! IT WAS AMAZING to have such an emotive man!!
Thank you Boy Girl Beauty World for helping that day!

Sundance Studios is a DREAMMMMMM VENUE!!!!!
Then Ines and Marie Event Planning took it to another level!!!!