4 Super Easy Plant-Based Breakfasts

Easy Breakfast options:

My go-to breakfast is a fruit smoothie with vanilla pea protein
(Garden of Life is the best) and spirulina, 1-2 hours after I drink celery juice and some coffee.
Adding fruit like peaches and mangos and some nuts like cashews, always enhances a smoothie!

Eating light for breakfast allows me to feel super energized,
eating heavy breakfasts slows me down!
When I eat light, I run in my own house instead of walk hahahha too much energy!

Hashbrowns and veggies with plant sausage:

If I cook breakfast, I will saute hashbrowns with veggies (broccoli, bell peppers, onion ususally)
and one Beyond Meat plant sausage (Hot Italian flavor, they’re made of pea protein,
one sausage has 16 grams of protein) with salt and pepper and avocado oil

Banana Oat Pancakes

All you need is a banana and maybe a half cup of quick oats and you have a pancake!!!!
Add in cinnamon, pecans, blueberries, or apples… whatever you like!
Practice a time or two, you might not get the consistency on the first try.
Add maple syrup, or put some berries in a pot on low heat and squish them up for a berry sauce

Other breakfast ideas: avocado toast, muesli with almond milk and fruit on top,
chia pudding, or oatmeal but with bomb toppings like peanut butter, pecans, cinnamon, maple syrup, coconut shreds, and granola! (Add berries or apples in the base of oatmeal)
This breakfast was crafted in Madrid, by my brother who has a vegan recipe blog Burnt Lentils

I also love eating left over Apple Crisp, cold, for breakfast!! YUMMM