5 Super Easy Plant-Based Desserts

One of my favorite things in this world is F O O D.

I have been vegan and gluten-free for around 10 years so my “lifestyle habits” are so natural, normal, and habitual that whenever someone asks if my diet is challenging, I am so perplexed and don’t understand what they mean haha!
But then I talk to people who want to eat more plant-based and they’re so overwhelmed
with where to start! Then I remember what it was like to change and how daunting that can feel!

So I put together my favorite, easy meals/snacks/desserts that I think are “musts”
if you’re scared at the thought of eating plant-based!

Let’s start with dessert because its my favorite.

1. My go-to chocolate chip cookies are a tad pricey but worth every penny:
Cappellos’s chocolate chip dough is sold at Whole Foods and Natural Grocers for about $15.
It’s made with almond flour and maple syrup, super clean and 100% guilt free!
I dip the cookies in unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2. Apple crisp

I am having a hard time finding a super easy recipe online for you…
I always make mine “of the cuff” because its so so simple,
maybe google a few so you understand the gist?

In my oat crumble topping I mix together: quick oats, gluten free flour, maple syrup,
baking soda, almond milk, vanilla, salt, pecans, and cinnamon
You do not need sugar, or cornstarch or anything else!
I use SO DELICIOUS Sugar Free Coconut Ice Cream or whip my own coconut whipping cream.
Use a coconut milk can that has been in the fridge for a day, get your beaters and whip it reallllll good: )

3. Chia Pudding
I use vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract, maple syrup and chia seeds to create the base,
then add fresh berries and Purely Elizabeth (very low sugar!) granola to the top!
If you want super creamy chia pudding, use some thick coconut cream!!
(google some chia seed pudding recipes so you understand the measurements…
I don’t follow recipes or measurements, I eye-ball everything so I can’t help in that department haha)

Medical Medium Rice Crispies


Banana Chocolate Chip cookies

I don’t have a photo but these are my go-to cookies when I am low on groceries
because I usually have bananas and oats!

Rough estimate:
2 bananas, 3/4- 1 cup-ish of quick oats, some cinnamon,
Lily’s Stevia Dark Chocolate Chips, pecans, 1/4 cup coconut oil

I like having the consistency more banana than oats so that they remain moist

Bake about 15 minutes at 400 degrees

You can eat them warm, but I like them best cold
so the flavor is more potent, but to each their own.

I eat these for breakfast sometimes because theres no sugar!!