The Story Behind the Image

“If you would be a real seeker after truth,
it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt,
as far as possible, all things.”
-Rene Descartes

With my work, I am always questioning everything-
Why am I shooting this? Is this image telling a story?
Does this photo represent the couple?
Is it authentic?
why why why why why why why fills my brain constantly.
I think its because I am truly in love with my job. I care SO MUCH.
I want to do meaningful work but I also strive to be a true artist.
My job definitely does not deal with life or death situations,
but I still take it seriously.

After all this questioning, I have realized it all boiled down to one question:
Is your engagement session telling YOUR story?
likewise, is your wedding day telling YOUR story?
is your family session telling YOUR story?
If a photo is not unique to your relationship,
Why are we taking the photos?
Where is the truth?

I feel like I can be a successful storyteller
if your decisions are made with heart and soul.

Heather and Craig are true outdoor, adventure seekers….
They were engaged while cross-country skiing in the snow!
Their dogs are a large part of their life so of course nature + dogs was an easy combination.

As a result: this image encompasses their unique life.
In the words of Heather: We have been laughing hysterically over this
because it concisely sums up our not-so-private life with the dogs!!


I love this next image because I have gotten to know Kate,
she bursts with expressions! (a photographer’s dream client)
Yeah she is sticking out her tongue on her wedding day
but it is HER.
Goofing off, playing, light-hearted.

Kate said there is a curse in her family with photographers…
too many of her family members have disaster stories about their photographer not showing up, etc.
so once I arrived on-scene in one piece and on time,
she could finally sigh sweet relief!
But days prior her limo cancelled, hair and makeup cancelled,
the wrong tuxes were sent and had to be express shipped to arrive ON the wedding day,
the florist thought the wedding was on a different date and did not have the bouquets ready!!
It’s an outrageous list of things that went wrong….
THANKFULLY they were all made right in the end, all was well.
But then the joke was that since Kate got the photographer, there was a curse on everything else!!!
That’s why we needed some rain to spread some good luck on this wedding day!
Hence, the umbrella.
(By the way- Kate was extremely calm during all of these snafoos!
She was not going to let these external things ruin her day!)