In the recent months,
I have become so humbled by the flow of life….
the PERFECTION of the flow and in the flow….

I often find myself in a trance of gratitude….
how am I so lucky?! How am I so blessed?!

…but most recently,
I have discovered who are we NOT to be those things!!?

We are the thread from the Creator’s needle,
the paint from the Creator’s brush,

therefore WE are the masterpiece.
We were born with all good things,
but it’s only because we grow up and LEARN the fear based habits of the world
that we think we are not entitled to all good things.

The Creator did not put us on Earth to suffer.
Of course there are circumstances in life which we do indeed suffer,
but if we can find the light out of the darkness,
from any and ALL circumstances,

that’s why, I believe, we are on this Earth.
To seek, find, and FEEL the Light, the Love,
whom we call The Creator, The Infinite,
The Beloved, The One.

We are here to dance to our heart’s desire!
Laugh from the bubbles of Joy that surge through our soul!
and Live as God’s Light on Earth!
(or as Rihanna says, Shine Bright Like a Diamond!)

I wish so badly I could be speaking these words instead of writing them on this page
because if I could speak,
you would know these words are not empty.
They hold PASSION and FAITH,
from a journey and place no one can judge,
because it’s from my own heart,
my soul.

I am from God,
therefore my soul is God.

My soul is the only place I can release
and truly Trust.

My Truth, from the only place I Trust.


(p.s. it’s spring in Arizona!!!
The air smells of perfume from the blooming flowers!
ahh it’s a beautiful time!)