Speak your truth does not mean vomit your opinion everywhere you go.
BUT thats the first impression of that phrase for most people.
I refer to my teens and 20s as being a little opinionated “Bambi”, stumbling along and falling
and FAILING many many times with my assertiveness and opinions. Speaking out is a trait that comes
very naturally to me, but its taken me 15+ years to kind of master it (kind of, I have a good grasp on it anyways).
I have some residual, full-body shivers thinking of the people in my past I probably pissed off from my unwanted opinions
and wondering if they assume I am still the same exact person a decade later.
Through my experiences, I have learned my truth of the phrase, “SPEAK YOUR TRUTH.”
I believe it means speak and act in line with your deepest, core beliefs.
For example, I believe everything happens for a reason, Divine Timing is PERFECT, and all is well in the end…..
so speaking my truth now, would be supporting people to have THEIR life experience,
without wanting to change, control, insert myself, or vomit opinions. My opinion on their married or parenting style
is the furthest thing from encouraging UNLESS they specifically ASK.
Its not about me. Their life, their lane. My life, my lane.
Also, the most important nugget wisdom of all is: treat someone how you want to be treated—
How do you feel when people voice their opinions to you about your life without asking?
Not good!!! OR: Judge other people how you want to be judged!!! ….which is probably NOT AT ALL right?!

(…..I also think “Speak your truth” has a lot to do with personal boundaries as well… but thats for another day:)