A message from my deceased dad

I haven’t had a visit in my dreams from my deceased dad for many years.
You know the type that are SO vivid you can smell, hear, and see every ounce of the scene as if it’s real life….. but you know in your heart It is 100% real…. Whatever “real” means anyways…. “what is real? what you see and touch or what you feel?”Anyways, in my dream, I was hugging my dad from the back so that my arms were thrown around his neck and my face was so close I could see every pore and acne scar from his youth, but also his piercing blue eyes and pointy little nose, that none of us kids inherited (the nose, we definitely inherited the eyes). Then he said to me: “I visit every now and again- and I really don’t care what the yard looks like, I’m simple like that.” When I woke up, I didn’t understand what he said until I was drinking my coffee out in our backyard by the pool and I saw a dragonfly (which are often known to be the spirits of loved ones who passed.) Then It was like a lightening bolt- omg, my dad sees the mess of our backyard!!! We will eventually renovate it, but until then; it’s a hottttt mess! And it’s a constant conversation between Malc and I… Malc wants to renovate it ASAP, I on the other hand, could wait. I believe My dad definitely has seen our backyard with his angel eyes. He’s been here. He told me that specific message so I would know without a doubt he visits us! How beautiful is that!! (In the dream I also asked my dad- what do you want me to know!?? And I remember nothing of his answer because I really think the spirit realm doesn’t want to give away secrets! They want us to live our life without shortcuts haha. Maybe my soul received the answer from
him but my human mind definitely did not)